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First time customer here and Chef James is the real deal! I ordered the corn and red pepper chowder. It is DELICIOUS! Packed with flavor and very filling! Chef James is also well versed on all things food and nutrition related. Highly recommend!

Samantha K.-Chicago


"Those Peanut butter Chocolate bars are DEVINE. I love Jame's food because there is a special satisfaction of eating food that is both delicious and healthy to eat. Thank you James for your hard work and I will definitely keep coming back"

Michael S., Chicago, IL


Chef James creates delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes and food!

Jennifer C., Coppell, TX


I love his food preparation. Very tasty and good. 💕💕

Diane W. - Irvine, CA


Great chef at dr fuhrman s health getaway. Love the meals he prepared

Beverly H., Teaneck, NJ


Chef James is an amazing chef and creates the most wonderful dishes and recipes for a healthy Nutritarian diet❣️❣️❣️

-Kellie P., Fayetteville, NC


"I met James in the 1990s when he became my tennis teacher and I was amazed, not only by his responsibility, but the thoughtfulness of his lesson plan and the pleasant way he followed through to make sure I did everything he felt (and I agreed) should be done. In 2004, I had a hip infection from a hip replacement surgery. SO when I recently learned James was a personal trainer, I called him because I really need to exercise every muscle in my body and my motivation was zilch ( I, who had loved exercise of every kind my whole life). I began seeing him once a week and increased to twice. Why? Because he is thorough, pleasant and finishes all of the exercises in each session which he has planned and written down for me. Though the exercises to date have been done in my apartment, we are going to the gym in my building so he can give me some exercises that will be so much fun that I will become more motivated! In summary, after all this time, I still love the guy and he continues to be thorough, persistent, responsible and never scolding or yelling. But more importantly, I am improving and my goal is to play tennis again as well as to feel great and live longer! My advice—seek him out. If you do, he will help you and I live longer and happier lives. We will be stronger, more flexible and able to endure whatever? But I intend to keep my 2 time periods!

-Janice A., Chicago, IL


“I met James last summer while training for the Chicago marathon. Knowing James' enthusiasm, I didn’t hesitate to join his training program. After gathering all the necessary information about my medical history, diet and my fitness expectations, James tailored the perfect workout for me to help me meet my goals. Once weekly, James comes to my place with a well PLANNED workout. He briefly explains to me the purpose of each exercise and makes sure I do it correctly. James is patient, professional, and always on time. He answers all my questions regarding the workouts and offers me the support I need. James also is very knowledgeable about healthy food. He opened my eyes to many nutritious, low calorie ingredients and recipes. I am half way through the program and I’ve already made a great improvement. I’ve lost weight, became more active and I feel much healthier. I highly recommend it to people who are looking for an at-home, professional and friendly personal trainer. Thank you James for helping me make one of my resolutions for 2012 a reality!"

-Saad M., Chicago, IL


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