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Fuyu Persimmons and Kumquats

Muscat-Poached Pears with Fennel Compote and Date-Pecan Ice Cream

Salad Shot

Bottom to Top: 15-year-old-Balsamic, Heirloom Tomato Puree, Pine Nut Cream, Arugula-Spinach Puree, Red Bell Pepper Foam, Caper Berry... Cheers!

Beet Gnocchi, Asparagus, Dill, Walnuts and 12-year-old Balsamic

Papaya,"Feta" and Cucumber Salad with Kalamata Olives and Dill

Wild Mushroom Ceviche with Melon and Kumquats

Buddha's Hand

Buddha's Hand Fruit has an exotic citrus-like flavor/aroma similar to Yuzu or Meyer lemon zest. If you've had Christmas fruitcake, the candied "yellow" bits are Citron. Buddha's hand is in the citron family.

My former spice cabinet

Oh how I miss thee.....

Fresh Mangosteens!


It must be spring! Fresh cardoon at the market!

Me with the legendary Alice Waters

Look at these beautiful Fraises des Bois I found at the farmers market on Division street. Yummy!

Look at these gorgeous Maitake Mushrooms from Michigan! Ready for roasting!

Roasted Delicata Squash with Sea Island Red Peas, Haricot Verts, Benne Seeds and Spicy Curry Emulsion

Organic Romanesco makes me smile.....

Persimmons from the fruit stand and figs from Nonna Rosa's tree... in Calco, Italy

Buddha's Hand Confit with Juniper-scented Crumb Cake, Mango Sorbet and Buddha's Hand Caramel

Vegan cooking class at Treasure Island

Way back in 2012

White Flint Corn Grits 'French Toast' with Faux Foie Gras, and Apple, Corn and Quince Compote

First figs of the season

Apple-Chai Oatmeal Bowl

Asian Ginger Dressing

Banana-Cocoa Muffins

Chickpea "Tuno" Salad

Cream of Asparagus Soup with Roasted Golden Beets and Toasted Pine Nuts

Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette

Limited Edition Flatbread Pizza with Sweet Potatoes, Bi-Color Corn, Local Summer Squash, and Portobello Mushrooms

Minestrone with Pine Nut Pesto

Mushroom Bisque

Peppermint Pattie "Ice Cream"

Pfeffernusse (German Spice Cookies)

Refried Bean and Vegetable Burritos

Pumpkin-Pecan Muffins

Tempeh-Mushroom Burgers

Vanilla Sabayon

Tortilla Soup with Beans, Greens, and Poblano Peppers

Yellow Split Pea Soup with Roasted Peppers

Banana, Walnut, and Chocolate Chip Bread

This "adult sweet" banana bread reminds me of the Pan con chocolate that I learned how to make from the great Spanish Chef José Andrés. It is filled with walnuts, 100% cacao chips, and subtly sweetened with ripe bananas and dates. Try it with some fruit and your morning tea for a sophisticated breakfast!

Blue and Gold Cornbread with Wild Blueberry Compote

Buddha's Hand Fruit, Poppy Seed & Persimmon Tea Cakes, Limited Edition

Carrot Cake Muffins

Chocolate-Almond Fudge Cups

Fully Loaded Miso Soup

Eggplant & Celery Root Moussaka with Pine Nut Béchamel

Fig-Date Bread

Watermelon Canapes

Anise with almost any fruit is a winning combination. In this very easy, three ingredient preparation, “anisey” basil and icy cold watermelon are accentuated, but not overwhelmed by the clean heat of fresh horseradish. -J.C.R.

Golden Beet and Turnip Ravioli with Artichokes, Mache, and Cranberry and Date Purees


Mango, Pineapple and Banana Dessert Sushi with Chocolate-Cardamom "Soy Sauce" and Pistachio-Mint "Wasabi"

Muscat Grapes

.....truly Nature's candy!!

Longing for Elephant Heart Plums

These delectable organic pluots are the closest thing I've had to a variety of plum called "Elephant Heart" which I haven't seen in markets for a couple decades, mainly because of their perishability. Their deep red flesh and sweet-perfumy flavor is unmatched in the plum world!

Cream of Oven-Dried Tomato Soup with Saffron-Roasted Cauliflower, Oregano & Oregano Vapor


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